How To: Crochet The Alternating Spike Stitch - Easy Tutorial

Some months ago I discovered the intricate Spike Stitch, and it wasn't long before I started crocheting multiple projects featuring this lovely stitch.

After playing around with the "Spike" technique for a couple of weeks, I quickly realised that you could easily create an interesting pattern that closely resembles knitting, just by alternating the stitches. 

The Alternating Spike Stitch has one of the loveliest textures I've seen in a while, whilst still remaining a reasonably easy stitch to learn, perfect for crochet newbies to give a go.
Personally, I'm really looking forward to using this stitch for future cosy blankets and chunky scarf projects as I know the end result will be splendid, and the process fun and effortless!

If you're a dedicated crocheter and just as eager as I am about soaking up some extra crochet knowledge, this helpful video will guide you through all the necessary steps to learn the "Alternating Spike Stitch" (in an easy to follow speed), as you continue on your ever-growing crochet adventure!

Yarn - Drops Paris
Crochet Hook - 6.00mm (J/10)

Chain in multiples of 2 + 1.

Row 1- Skip 1 ch, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 1 sc in every ch. Turn your work.
Row 2- Ch1, skip 1st st. *1 sc in next st. 1 spike st in next st. Repeat from the * all across. 1 sc in last st. Turn your work.
Row 3- Ch1, skip 1st st. *1 sc in next st. 1 spike st in next st. Repeat from the * all across. 1 sc in turning ch. Turn your work.

Row 3 until you have reached your desired length.

Are there any other crochet stitches or techniques you'd love to learn?
I'm always open to new ideas and inspiration when it comes to 
sharing crochet with the world!



  1. This is a great stitch , thank you for the tutorial, I'll be giving this a try

  2. Olivia, so beautiful. I love this patern.