"Beat The Heat" I Like Crochet Features + Review!

Warm breezes blowing in, toes wriggling in the sand and picnics in the park are all sure signs that summer is on it's way. When the heat starts flooding in, I always become a bit antsy - ready for a fun new adventure! Getting away from the hustle and bustle for just a few days over the weekend to soak up some sun can really help to relax you; Leaving you fresh and rejuvenated and ready to get back to work...

Capture the beauty of summer through the fresh and colorful designs in the latest issue of I Like Crochet (featuring 29+ seasonal designs - available on iPad and Desktop)!.. Bold, lightweight and perfect for the stifling heat, get a head start on your summer crocheting by journeying through history with their artwork-inspired collection.

Experiencing a bad case of wanderlust? Look no further for a stunning selection of travel-ready bags and European inspired accessories for your August aboard!

This latest issue is a pretty big deal for me too, as three of my favourite designs (to date!) were featured, and one even landed right on the cover, the Venice Vest! If you're interested to see what I've been working on recently, stick around as I'll be going into vivid detail below about the inspiration behind every single design.

From intricate summer tops to a fun fall preview in the form of some cozy afghans, this issue has enough to have anyone in a tizzy of excitement and creativity!

With Summer comes heat waves, but that shouldn’t ever stop you from looking extra fashionable this year in a beautifully made lightweight accessory; Perfect for when you want to look chic while travelling abroad! Using this delicate, floral stitch along with some flowy tassels, the Venice Vest is the perfect fit for a sunny summer!

For this particular design I decided I wanted to use a soft, breathable cotton yarn, and immediately knew that We Are Knitters Pima Cotton (Salmon Pink) was the perfect fit!

I know I've gushed about this particular yarn plenty of times in the past, but I can't help not to as the yarn is some of the softest cotton I've ever worked with, not to mention that the stitch definition is remarkable (as you can quite clearly see in the vest)... There's no doubt in my mind that this fresh shade oozes with everything I adore about summer!

Summer days are filled with sunshine and warmth, but as dusk sets in so does a slight evening chill. During these moments having the Pacific Breeze Poncho to quickly throw on would not only be a practical solution, but also an enjoyable accessory to wear! Due to the light, airy fabric and loose-fitting style, it's easy to see how this boho-chic poncho will quickly become your new favourite layering piece to drape over any ensemble...

For this design I used Drops Paris in these gorgeous mint and lilac shades... The yarn is so smooth and soft to work with, that perfectly glided over my hook - helping me to whip up this design lickity split! From the soft cotton to the feminine hues, this poncho in the epitome of summer wear...

If you’ve always secretly dreamed of becoming an artist one day, challenge yourself to crochet a unique and beautifully made artwork by using your paintbox of yarn, and trusty crochet hook as your paintbrush. Inspired by Claude Monet’s famous Water Lillies, this Water Lily Shawl is the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe.

Just like the Venice Vest, this design required great stitch definition to really show of the intricate blossoms and ripples crocheted throughout - Precisely why I chose to use Debbie Bliss Cotton DK. After playing around with this particular yarn, I knew that the smoothness of the cotton, and quality of the yarn would lend itself to creating a truly gorgeous texture...

  • Sunshine, sundresses and wild flowers; Summer is finally here! Time to pull out those light, pastel cotton yarns and start crocheting... Not 100% sure what to make? Luckily for you, the latest issue is overflowing with 29+ patterns to kick of summer!
  • Fall is just around the corner, so you’ll want to start preparing pretty soon! With their bright and sunny palettes, patterns like the Rincón Stripes Afghan (pictured below) will help ease you into the new season in a cosy and colourful way.
  • Lazy summer days at the beach are what summer is made of!.. Relaxing weekends are there for crochet, but first you need to get away from the hustle and bustle... Inspired by a love of traveling, the Coastal Weekender Bag (pictured below) is the perfect way to carry all your things in style. Whether you’re headed near or far, this bag can be by your side holding all of your weekend essentials.

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How To: Crochet The Arruga Stitch - Easy Tutorial

Having lived most of my life in a small town surrounded by rolling hills and peaceful meadows, I've become accustomed to spotting dry stone walls running along the edges of quiet little farms, acting as a whimsical border. Built hundreds of years ago, these walls hold so much history and beauty, which inspires many an artist living in the area. 

Recently while I was out and about (enjoying an evening stroll) I noticed the unique texture of these stone structures, and couldn't help but see crochet stitch possibilities!

The Arruga Stitch is a simple yet sturdy stitch, featuring a unique pebbled design… Perfect for when crocheting those cosy sweaters, scarves and chunky afghans, as this stitch works up into a delightfully warm fabric.

Learning a new crochet stitch or technique is always such fun, don't you agree? If you're keen to challenge yourself this weekend, you're in luck as this helpful step-by-step video tutorial will guide you through all the necessary steps needed to learn the "Arruga Stitch"; In an easy to follow speed!

Yarn - Rowan Softyak DK (8ply)
Crochet Hook - 4.00mm (G/6)

st - stitch
ch – chain stitch
bpsc - back post single crochet
fpsc - front post single crochet

Chain in multiples of 2.

Row 1- Skip 3 ch (counts as 1st dc), 1 dc in 4th ch from hook. 1 dc in every ch. Turn your work.
Row 2- Ch1, 1 sc in same st. *Bpsc in next st, fpsc in next st. Repeat from the * all across. 1 sc in turning ch. Turn your work.
Row 3- Ch2 (counts as 1st dc), 1 dc in every st. Turn your work.
Row 4- Ch1, 1 sc in same st. *Fpsc in next st, bpsc in next st. Repeat from the * all across. 1 sc in turning ch. Turn your work.
Row 5- Ch2 (counts as 1st dc), 1 dc in every st. Turn your work.

Row 2 - 5 until you reach your desired length.

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Pebble Shore Blanket - Crochet Pattern

Pebbles crunching and sliding underfoot, skipping ahead as the tip of your shoe lightly taps them; Waves gently dance onto the idle shore, and around your little ones feet as she skips side to side to avoid the cool foam washing over her tiny, sandy toes as you both enjoy a quiet evening stroll.

As the cool ocean breeze blows in, it's time to head home and snuggle up underneath the Pebble Shore Blanket for that extra bit of warmth... From it's soothing, misty tones to the subtle texture reminiscent of pebbles glistening along the shore, there's no doubt that this throw will add a touch of whimsy to your home.

Due to the dense fabric and fluffy fringe, it's easy to see what a warm and cuddly blanket this would be to envelope in... Perfect as a couch throw or baby blanket, the simple sophistication of this cosy blanket makes it an elegant home accessory for any room!


Changes for “Throw” size are in [ ].

Baby Blanket
Width: 32" (81cm)
Length: 36” (91cm)

Width: 48" (122cm)
Length: 58” (147cm)

6.00mm (J/10) Crochet Hook
960 - 1600yds Worsted Yarn (10ply) - Cascade 128 Superwash
Tapestry Needle

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