Valentines Day "I Like Crochet" Features!

After having taken a couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year to spend time with family and friends, it's wonderful to be back, doing the thing I love...

About a week ago, I was about to buckle down  to start working on some fresh new designs and stitch tutorials for 2017, I excitedly noticed that the latest issue of I Like Crochet is now available (on iPad and Desktop for those of you that don't know), the best start to a new, and creative year! 

This issue oozes with 28+ whimsical and floral patterns, from pastel scarves and shawls to help keep you warm on those chilly afternoon strolls through the park, to adorably themed Valentines Day projects!

  • Moroccan Tile Poncho (pictured above) -  Ponchos have become such an iconic part of fashion that you can go almost anywhere and find dozens of ponchos in varying textures, colors and designs… Which is one of the dozens of reasons I couldn’t resist designing this poncho, with its unique Moroccan Tile design and chunky tassels for the latest issue of I Like CrochetWhen you hear the word "Winter" things like Christmas, icicles, sled rides and snowflakes instantly come to mind, so when I discovered Debbie Bliss's Rialto Chunky in these whimsical shades of blue and beige I knew I had a match made in heaven...

  • In Bloom Triangle Scarf/Shawl (pictured above) - My In Bloom Triangle Scarf was also added to this amazing collection of crochet patterns! Not only does this poncho ooze with a bohemian charm (due to it's intricate design), but is also provides the ideal layering accessory that's both warm and stylish. The yarn I used for this floral scarf was Drop's Paris (my oldest and dearest friend in the yarn department), which not only comes in an assortment of colours, but it's also just a great cotton to work with in general!..

  • Sugar & Spice Sundress (pictured above) - The perfect way to start thinking about Spring (which is just on the horizon) is with a darling and incredibly feminine sundress. Every little girl would look so sweet and adorable as she enjoys the sunshine in this little outfit, don't you agree?.. I resorted back to an old favourite of mine for this design (Drops Safran), as I was looking for some lightweight cotton yarn, in delicate shades of pink.

  • Cabled Leg Warmers (pictured above) -  You might be surprised to learn, but you can actually crochet the cable stitch! Not only can you create a beautifully textured pair of leg warmers (that would be a great accessory to wear on those cool afternoon walks), but also learn a new crochet technique, the cable stitch, in the process!.. I love all of Debbie Bliss's yarns, so it should come as no big surprise that I used their Cashmerino Aran for this pair of leg warmers, as I was on the hunt for that perfect, soft shade of pink (which luckily for me, they had!).

  • Tasseled Boho Scarf (pictured above) - As the weather gradually starts to turns warmer as we head into spring, this tasseled scarf is the perfect way to stay nice and cosy on those chillier afternoons. Plus, it’s perfect for adding a touch of bohemian charm to whatever outfit it’s paired with! The yarn I used for this cuddly scarf is the incredibly soft Rooster Almerino Aran, which comes in the most beautiful and and naturally toned shades...

This Month's Features...
  • Enjoy the lovey dovey season this year with 28+ whimsical and floral patterns!
  • Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't still add some glamour to your outfit, such as with an elegant Blossom Cowl.  (pictured above).
  •  Add a touch of quirkiness to your sofa with a floral Winter Gerbera Daisy Pillow, crocheted in neutral colours... After all, aren't neutrals the truest form of understated elegance? (pictured above)

A Few Favourites From This Issue...


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, so many tempting projects, love the Moroccan tile poncho and the cable leg warmer so, had no idea about crochet cable!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, so many tempting projects, love the Moroccan tile poncho and the cable leg warmer so, had no idea about crochet cable!