Top 5 Yarns and Wools of 2016 + Winter Pattern Sale

One of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is "What are some yarns you'd recommend?", which is a pretty tough question to answer as there is literally dozens of brands, yarns and fibres I enjoy crocheting with.
However, I thought I should at least compile a list of the five yarns/wools that I had the pleasure of working with for the first time this past year, that have now become some of my favourites and will be featured readily in upcoming designs!

During 2016 I received multiple amazing opportunities to work with some great companies (LoveCrochet, We Are Knitters, Wool And The Gang, Lion Brand Yarns, Sirdar and I Like Crochet just to name a few...), and with these opportunities came bundles of yarn, delivered promptly to my front door.
A majority of these yarns I became obsessed with in no time at all, and was lucky enough to be able to offer them to you all via a ton of giveaways!

So, I guess it's about time to start this fantastic list of yarns, along with some of the reasons I loved working with them... But before I go ahead, I just wanted to say that I have not been paid in any way to promote these yarns, this is my own personal opinion on these yarns that I wanted to share with fellow yarn lovers around the world!

(On that note, thank you for all the support this past year, I wouldn't have had these incredible experiences to work with companies from all around the world if it wasn't for my wonderful and creative crochet family!)

  • "The Cotton Wool by We Are Knitters (pictured above)" - Whenever I hear the word 'cotton' I immediately get excited, as it is probably my favourite type of yarn to work. The day I discovered The Cotton Wool I was head over heels in love with the unique colours available, and the softness of the cotton, due to it being made from 100% pima cotton from Peru! I currently have 2 designs in the work featuring this lovely yarn... Can you guess what I'm making?

  • "Cascade Ultra Pima by Cascade Yarns (pictured above)" - If you've ever worked with pima cotton, you'll fully understand why I've become infatuated with the yarn you see above. Cascade has somehow managed to perfect the art of creating extremely smooth and soft yarn, whilst still making over 60+ different and stunning colours available, perfect for when you need a variety of colours for a larger project! Honestly, I think this yarn would also turn into a beautiful and luxourious Sky Scarf (for those of you that don’t know, a Sky Scarf is when you crochet 2 rows every day to represent the sky color of that day)!.. Maybe a project to consider working on in 2017?

  • "Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran by Sirdar (pictured above)" - If you’ve never tried this particular yarn before, you would not believe how beautiful the colours are in person, and how stunning the stitch definition is! Definitely a new favourite yarn of mine!.. Last year I worked on a stitch tutorial for the Picot Single Crochet, and now I'm excited to use it again and again in 2017.

"LB Collection Cashmere Wool by Lion Brand Yarns (pictured above)" - Some time last year, Lion Brand was generous enough to send me a ginormous box, stuffed to the brim with delicious yarns and wools! Amongst this bundle was a couple of skeins from their LB Collection, the Cashmere Yarn, and I can easily say that I’ve never worked with such soft wool before! This wool is made from 100% cashmere (thus, the impeccable softness), which was a perfect fit for a pair of Avocado Baby Booties I had wanted to crochet for some time.

"Lion Brand Wools... in general (pictured above)" - As I just mentioned above, Lion Brand Yarns sent me a ton (and I mean, a ton) of wools this past year, and I instantly fell in love with their beautiful colours inspired by the hues you find in nature, and the lovely texture their wools have in general! Some of the wools I've happily worked with so far is their Wool Ease Thick & Quick that I used for my Toffee Apple Pompom Beanie and my Coastal Fog Cardigan (pictured below), Lion's Pride Woolspun Yarn which helped me design the Spiced Pear Beanie (coming soon), and last but not least their LB Collection Baby Alpaca Yarn that I used when crocheting this darling pair of Swiss Coffee Baby Booties (also pictured below)... To sum it all up, I've loved discovering their wide selection of wools these past few months!

Now that you have a whole new collection of yarns to sample, you'll need some patterns to use them with... After all, Winter is now in full swing, and with Winter comes frosty weather and the need to bundle up in an attempt to stay warm.
With the new year having just arrived, there's no better time to start working on some of those projects you've been putting off for some time now, or to start looking for a new project to make something for yourself after you've probably spent December crocheting gifts for all those loved ones!.. In saying that, I thought there would be no better time to share a 40% discount for my Etsy Shop

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Make sure the code is accepted before submitting order!

If you're still completely lost when it comes to what to crochet as your first project this year,  check out some of my cosy patterns below, which are perfect to help you survive Winter!

Swiss Coffee Baby Booties -

Hopefully this vibrant collection of yarns/wools and patterns will inspire you to 
keep creating in the new year!
If you do crochet any of these projects, please share a photo on Instagram
I'd love to see it!


  1. Hi, Olivia!
    First, I must thank you!! About a month, I decided (quite randomly) to add the art of crocheting to my arsenal, finally making use of the crochet hook & skeins of yarn I've had amongst my misc. Art Supplies for ages. Lol. When I embarked on my crochet journey, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your basic stitch tutorials on YouTube... And Yours were/are by far the best I found! They're clear & concise... visually & audibly pleasing.. So much so, I successfully learned (meaning I watched the video, practiced, memorized & got comfortable with) at least 8 stitches in just a few hours! Since then, with your guidance, I've created scarves, hats, headbands, booties & blankets! Again, thank you! When I went to buy yarn in stores, I didn't find any that resembled the kind you used in your YouTube tutorials??? It looks like cotton threads,twisted together... I've continued my search online, having found greater selection & better pricing on Amazon. But I want the yarn you used?!!? If you could let me knowwhat its called, you'd truly be my hero!!
    Thank you for sharing your time & wisdom!
    Yours truly,

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