How To: Crochet The Primrose Stitch - Easy Tutorial

One of my goals for this year is to continue learning new crochet stitches and interesting techniques... I firmly believe in concept of "I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it", which has helped to push me to continue learning, especially when it comes to crochet and designing.

If you're just as passionate and enthusiastic about cultivating your crochet skills, stick around this year and we can learn fresh new stitches together... What do you say?

Today I have a fairly easy stitch for you all to learn, which makes it the perfect stitch for crochet newbies to give a go.

The Primrose Stitch creates a pretty sturdy fabric, whilst still featuring a whimsical shell-like texture. Personally, I'm excited to use this stitch for future blanket and scarf projects as I know the end result will be beautiful, and the process delightful!

If you're a devoted crocheter and always look forward to soaking up some extra crochet knowledge, this helpful video will guide you through all the necessary steps to learn the "Primrose Stitch" (in an easy to follow speed), as you continue on your ever-growing crochet journey!

Crochet Hook - 4.00mm (G/6)

Chain in multiple of 3 + 1.

Row 1- (1 sc, ch2, 1 sc) in 2nd ch from hook. *Skip 2 sts, (1 sc, ch2, 1 sc) in next st. Repeat from the * all across. Skip 1 st, 1 hdc in next st. Turn your work.
Row 2- Ch3, *3 dc in next 'ch2' space.  Repeat from the * all across. 1 dc in turning ch. Turn your work.
Row 3- Ch2, skip 1 st, (1 sc, ch2, 1 sc) in next st. *Skip 2 sts, (1 sc, ch2, 1 sc) in next st. Repeat from the * all across. 1 hdc in turning ch. Turn your work.

Row 2 - 3 until you reach your desired length.
Crochet Row 2 as your final row to finish your work.

Are there any other crochet stitches or techniques you'd love to learn?
I'm always open to new ideas and inspiration when it comes to 
sharing crochet with the world!



  1. This is a very pretty stitch. I notice your instructions call for a 'fine' yarn. Would the stitch also work in a worsted weight?

    1. I used a Caron cake for this for a scarf it worked really well

  2. Thank you for this, is a lovely stitch , am fairly new to crochet and need to master more stitches , will give this one a go and see how I get on๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. My favorite baby items to crochet is baby hats and 2c2 blankets

  4. I Love your crochet stitches I have used them for my hats.

  5. Hi Olivia,

    I finally got a chance to view your video of this stitch after the link had been waiting patiently in my inbox. I do love the look of your blog and your clear instructions.

    I am an experienced crocheter but I love that you break down each stitch into its 'loops and yarn overs'. It enables anyone, especially beginners, to be able to listen to your instructions and follow along, even if they are looking at their crochet instead of your video.

    Your speaking pace is slow enough to follow but not so slow that one feels impatient. I was able to draw my little stitch diagram as you explained the pattern.

    Your voice told me that you were from the southern hemisphere but I wasn't sure where because I'd hear an Aussie accent in some words and the trace of a South African accent in others! It seems I wasn't too far off the mark! (When there are so many American and British voices on the internet, it is refreshing to hear the Australian, New Zealand and South African voices. I am Australian.)

    Like you, I have suffered illness too and crochet was my sanity saver and has led to a great passion. It is lovely to find another crochet blogger from the Southern Hemisphere - nice to find our crochet seasons match!

    All the best with your projects and I will certainly revisit your delightful blog and YouTube channel.