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This weekend when I opened up my laptop I was determined to have a bit of "me" time, and devoted a chunky of time to browsing Pinterest, and catching up on some articles and magazines... 
It wasn't long before I noticed that the latest issue of I Like Crochet was available (on iPad and Desktop for those of you that don't know), the best early Christmas present I could have received! 
This issue oozes with 26+ festive patterns, from pastel cardigans and shawls to help keep you warm on those chiller days, to cosy throws to cuddle underneath during 'hibernation'... While browsing through this issue I swear I could smell freshly baked cookies, that's just how good it is!

If you have a little one for the first time this chilly Winter, this issue also has a selection of snuggly patterns, as well as two pairs of adorable baby ankle booties I designed exclusively for this issue... How exciting is that?!

When you hear the word "Winter" things like Christmas, icicles, sled rides and snowflakes instantly come to mind. Inspired by what the cooler months have to offer, I designed these frosty Winter Wonderland Baby Booties, embellished with cutest little snowflakes!

Unfortunately, a drawback to the chillier seasons is shorter days, and earlier sunsets. Yet is that really a drawback? Some of my favourite sunsets have been during Winter, as they usually have a cooler and chillier hue to them. 
Actually, while working on the second pair of booties you see above I had just witnessed the spectacular colours that the setting sun had cast over the ocean. It was such a beautiful image that I had to encompass the soft lavender sky and creamy sand into these Winter Wisteria Booties in the form of pastel colours. 

My Chai Tea Latte Poncho was also added to this amazing collection of crochet patterns! Not only does this poncho ooze with a soft feminine charm, but as the weather sharply turns cooler, having a chic and cosy accessory on hand would not only be practical, but also enjoyable to wear! 
The yarn I used for this cuddly poncho was Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino, which not only has a rich and luxurious feel to it, but also comes in the most beautiful and elegant shades...

This Month's Features...
  • Enjoy the festive season this year with 26+ cosy patterns!
  • Cuddle up with a mug of hot chocolate, good book and an Afghan and enjoy hibernating this Winter away. (pictured above).
  •  Add a touch of festive charm to your home this year with an adorable "Crochet Never Melts Pillow"! (pictured above)

Some of My Favourite Patterns From This Issue...

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