Ellie The Elephant Baby Booties - Free Crochet Pattern

From watching Dumbo dozens of times to being glued in front of the tv whenever Babar was on, it's fair to assume that I had an obsession with elephants from a young age!
Now you might think 'Ellie' would be an obvious choice for the name of a set of cute little elephants like these, but I actually named them after my sweet sister, Elizabeth, who as a little girl shared my fondness of Dumbo too.

If you love animals but elephants aren't quite your thing, I'm happy to say I also have patterns for a pair of teddy bear baby booties AND a pair of duckling baby booties!

What You'll Need:
3.50mm (E) Crochet Hook
100yds DK Yarn (8ply) - Drops Muskat (Light Blue Purple)
4x Black Buttons
Tapestry Needle

Pattern is made for 0 - 6 months old. Changes for size 6- 12 months are in [ ]. 
Finished Measurements (Sole Length)
 0 - 6 month old – 9cm 
6 - 12 month old – 10cm

4 rows & 5 stitches in hdc  = 1 Inch

Stitches & Abbreviations:
st(s) - stitch(es)
ch - chain stitch
sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc – double crochet
sc2tog – single crochet 2 together
hdc2tog – half double crochet 2 together
dc2tog – double crochet 2 together
camel sc – camel single crochet

Click here to Download the "Ellie the Elephant Baby Booties Pattern"!

Hope you all enjoyed this quirky bootie pattern!
If you did crochet this, please post a photo of your creation onto my Facebook Page.
I'd love to see it!
Have a lovely day crocheting,


  1. Super cute shoes! Thank you for sharing.

  2. So darn cute! I love ALL your baby booties patterns!

  3. What lovely shoes <3!
    Hugs, Christine

  4. Hi
    I'm Nanske from Belgium
    I have a FB group and my members asked me if I would translate your wonderful elephant booties into Dutch

    Can I please have your permission ??
    I will put the link to your webpage or blog on it or I give you the translation and put the link to it on my group 

  5. A great pattern. Made some for my friend's little boy and just shared on Instagram.

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  8. Adorable....thanks for sharing the pattern.

  9. Hi Olivia, that is beautiful and might i say very intricate. Thanks for sharing the pattern although i'm scrolling over your other post for baby boy designs.

  10. need help.... row 4 on the top of the show doesn't work for me... please someone help me!

  11. Thank you Olivia, for sharing your talent in design, and this adorable little elephant Booties pattern...

  12. do u have step by step videos of your projects, as I find it easer. thank you

  13. These are adorable. Is there a matching hat?

  14. I am having trouble with round 3. I had 40sts at the end of round 2 as per pattern. 12 increases on round 3 are listed, but only 50sts are said to be present at the end of round 3. Is there a mistake on round 3?
    Thank you

  15. I am having trouble on Round 3 of the sole, also. After round 2, there are 36 stitches as stated. But when I finish round 3, I have 49 stitches instead of 46. I have tried it over and over (about 6 times) and always with the same outcome. Also, the smallest (0-6 month) size ends up measuring over 4" instead of #3.5"