How To: Crochet The Shell Stitch - Easy Tutorial

I always enjoy learning new stitches, but (confession time) I don't always like having to sit through a 30 minute tutorial on a complicated stitch. Life is far too busy sometimes to devote that much time to trying out a new technique. 
Which would explain why when a couple of years ago I learned how to crochet The Shell Stitch I was in awe of it's simplicity, and how you quickly I could learn it. Another perk is that you could use the Shell Stitch to literally create almost any project, from a hat to a blanket all the way to a jar cosy! 

If an open shell is not quite your thing, maybe try your hand at the Solid Shell Stitch? Or, if you've got extra free time today, why not challenge yourself with learning the Catherine Wheel Stitch?

If you'd like to learn how to create the "Shell Stitch", this helpful video will guide you through all the steps as you continue on your ever-growing crochet journey!

What are some other crochet stitches you'd like to learn? 
I'm always open to new ideas and inspiration when it comes to sharing
crochet with the world!


  1. Love this stitch I made a cowl using it :)

  2. I like your stitch patterns and the videos are helpful, but I'd really like a written version as well to have with me.

  3. I am using this on a drawstring handbag I'm in the process of creating. I already knew how to do the stitches, just needed a little direction. Thanks!

  4. I've been searching for hours for an easy shell stitch pattern and have taken pages of notes/instructions and am very frustrated UNTIL I came to this's wonderful. She's very pleasant and easy to follow. Thank you so much. Venice, Florida