My Favourite Yarns + Exclusive "LoveCrochet" Yarn Discount

Image courtesy of LoveCrochet

For the past few weeks, LoveCrochet and I have been in contact as they'd love to interview me for their new blog, but they are also busy working towards supplying a bunch of yarn for a giveaway, how exciting!
So as we start working together, I thought it would be great for me to introduce you guys to their site as well as offer you an exclusive 10% off discount!... Only the best for my 'Honeys"!

These are just some of their many beautifully textured and colourful yarns they have available, which only makes the choice of what to buy that much harder! -drool-

Images courtesy of LoveCrochet

Many of you have asked me in the past where I purchase my yarn, because it's pretty obvious that there aren't many choices in Australia (where I live).
That's why I adore shopping from the LoveCrochet and LoveKnitting sites, as they sell such a large variety of yarns and wools and the best part is, their shipping is even cheaper than ordering yarn from my own country... Imagine that!
Some of my favourite yarns from their site would have to be Drops Paris, Wendy Supreme Chunky, King Cole Cottonsoft DK and also Drops Eskimo (pictured above) which I happened to use to create my Tea Rose Shawl!.. What are some of your favourite yarn types?

Images courtesy of LoveCrochet

Other than being full of beautiful yarns, hooks and crochet patterns, LoveCrochet has also recently added a Crochet Club to their site where my interview and future tutorials for them will be featured! 
They also have a section on their site where you can create a profile, then share your projects and interact with other crocheters! You can find out more about this creative space HERE, it's great fun!

I'm so excited by this, and I hope you all are too!
Have a lovely day crocheting,

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