DIY Whimsical Lace & Twine Wrapped Jars

When two lovely friends of mine announced their engagement last year I was beyond excited for them!.. And I grew even more excited about the up-coming wedding when they asked me if I would be able to help them with some vintage inspired decorations for their very special day.

So for the past few months I've been nagging all my friends (they probably cringe when they see me coming by now haha) for jars that I could recycle and turn into these little beauties you see below. They'll be perfect for the tables, especially when they're filled with flowers and candles!

What You'll Need
Crocheted Lace
Empty Glass Jars (Any Size)
PVA (Craft) Glue

Step 1: 
Start off by gathering all your supplies. You can easily buy jars, or use recycled jars in all different sizes like I did. Also, make sure that whatever glue you're using drys clear.

Step 2:
To decorate your jars you'll need to measure strips of burlap, crocheted lace and twine to be wrapped around the jars. There are multiple ways to decorate your jars.

  • You can place glue on your jar, and wrap lace or burlap around the centre,  then layer a piece of twine or crocheted lace over that to create a cute little bow.
  • You can use a paintbrush to paint a thin layer of glue all around your jar. Then, slowly wrap twine (or crocheted lace) all around the jar, creating multiple levels till you reach the bottom of the jar.
  • You can find lots of other ideas on Pinterest!

Step 3:
Now it’s time to fill your cute new vintage-inspired jars with a fresh bouquet of flowers!.. You could even use these as candle holders!

Hope you all enjoyed creating these vintage inspired jars!
Have a lovely day crafting,

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  1. Very pretty idea! I love burlap too! Thank you for your tutorial! Have a great weekend