Return From The Islands!

I apologise in advance if you are currently scrolling through these images while tucked in a cocoon of fluffy blankets, in an attempt to avoid the cold and rain outside... But I couldn't help but share some photos today of the South Pacific cruise I recently returned from with my family. The holiday was incredible, and was made only more so due to the amazing people I met on board!
So here are some of my holiday highlights!

After 2 days at sea, we were beyond excited to dock at Noumea (despite the heat) and be able to explore the island. After sweating out about half our body weight, we decided to take the easy way out, and climb on board a little choo choo train as it traveled around the city.

Here's a familiar face, it's my gorgeous little sister Elizabeth getting a piggyback ride from the best big brother ever.

A couple of days later we landed in the sunny Vanuatu, and unlike most of our fellow cruisers, we decided to ditch the tourist bus, and go with our own taxi. Lets just say it was the experience of a lifetime!
We got to truly see how the locals lived, as our taxi driver was so friendly he even took us to his home!
Shortly after, we spotted a man beside the road fondly known as "The Coconut Man" who volunteered to climb a tree in under 10 seconds, and then cut up a coconut for us. We were keen, as it's not everyday you see a man in his underwear climbing a coconut tree. 

Once the coconut demonstration was done, we made a quick stop at the local fruit and flower markets. I wish the photo above did justice to the radiant flower colours, as I would love to have shared that with you all!
I also loved how everywhere I went, the children couldn't help but peek at me as I walked past. They were all so precious! I even caught someone sneakily getting an afternoon snack...

The cruise was so wonderful, that there's not one thing I would have changed about my stay there.
All the staff were so polite and friendly, and always very helpful and fun! Not to mention the incredible views, and days filled with lovely memories.

 Do you have any plans these holidays?

Have a lovely Christmas,


  1. What a beautiful place. Glad you were able to experience such a wonderful trip.