DIY Christmas Button Wreath

So the other day I found my jar of festively coloured buttons, and decided to put some Christmas carols on, and create some ornaments... In all, it made for a very enjoyable afternoon!
I love that as I'm sitting here typing this blogpost, I can see the button wreath just out of the corner of my eye, as it adds some quirky charm to our Christmas tree.

What You'll Need
Handful Of Red Buttons
Glue Gun
Cardboard Donut {3.5 inches x 3.5 inches}
Red Paint & Paintbrush
Piece of Ribbon {19 inches in length}

~ Tutorial ~

Step 1~ Start of by heating up your glue gun. Once it's warm, place small dots of hot glue all around your cardboard donut. Now place your red buttons onto the hot glue dots. {Note: Continue layering your red buttons, until you can't see anymore cardboard.}
Step 2~ Once all the glues dried, turn your wreath upside down. Then taking your paint, paint the entire back of the wreath red. This will help give the wreath a more finished look.
{Note: You might need to paint more than 1 coat to properly cover the back.}

Step 3~ Once the paints dried, heat your glue gun back up. Fold your piece of ribbon in half, then glue it to the back of your wreath right in the middle, towards the top.
Then taking both ends of your ribbon, tie them together to create a little bow.

Hope you all enjoyed this quick Christmas-y tutorial!
If you did create this, please post a photo of your creation onto my Facebook Page.
I'd love to see it!
Have a lovely day crafting,


  1. just discovered your blog! SO in love. xo!

  2. Great idea! I should start collecting buttons... :)

    Take care

  3. Thats definitely a simple idea! i dont think ive got red buttons but im sure painting the buttons too red will work!

    Love from India & Merry christmas

  4. I love this idea will be making some for Christmas this year thanks

  5. Instead of paint, you could wrap the cardboard in red satin ribbon.