10 DIY Christmas Decorations

Being the overly prepared person that I am, I've already decorated my home with a ton of handmade ornaments... And in my quest to make the cutest decorations possible, I came across these great tutorials and decided to share them with you all!


It's amazing how creative these crocheters are, isn't it?  
I'm especially loving that adorable snow globe!
Which one's your favourite? 
I hope all of you enjoyed this little round-up of festive DIY decorations!


  1. Christmas tree in the glass is fantastic. waw

  2. My kids' preschool teacher does the snow globes except the kids put a snowman in there. I love all of them. The felted ornaments and the crochet candy cane.

  3. Can't wait to crochet a couple of them , they all look so cute/great !!1