Pokémon Pokéball Inspired Baby Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

I love creating quirky things, especially if they're meant as a gift for someone special!
Which is why this Pokémon inspired hat would make a perfect gift for any mummy-to-be that loves
to game and have fun!

What You'll Need
4.50mm Crochet Hook
75yds DK Yarn (8ply) - Stylecraft Classique Cotton
Tapestry Needle

Sizes Available 
Pattern is made for Newborn. Changes for size 3 - 6 months are in [ ]. 
Finished Measurements
 Newborn: Hat Circumference 13.5" (34cm); Hat Height 5.5" (14cm)
3 - 6 Months: Hat Circumference 15" (38cm); Hat Height 6" (15cm)

7 rows x 8 stitches in hdc = 2 inches

Stitches & Abbreviations
st(s) – stitch(es)
ch – chain stitch
sl st - slip stitch

Click here to Download the "Pokemon Pokeball Inspired Baby Hat Pattern"!

Hope you all enjoyed this pattern for an adorable and super quirky hat!
Have a lovely day crocheting,


  1. I just made this and it turned out great, I love the pattern and I want too thank you for making it so easy too use. Have you every made a pattern bigger then the NB. I have a lot of toddler great grandkids. And I don't no how too make the pattern too their size. But thanks again I love all your hat patterns, I have a lot of fun making the NB, because they don't have anything in stores that are different characters. I have made everyone of yours that I have gotten from you. Except the gingerbread one and I am fixing too try it .

  2. My 14 yr old is dying to make this. She's slightly obsessed with Pokémon and crotchet

  3. Should round 16-19 be 'change to white'?

  4. Do we use the same size needle on every pattern. That seems like an awful big needle. I want to make mostly toddler and young child pokemons. HELP????

  5. I actually pinned this a long time ago and it's just been sitting there waiting for me. Now the cold weather brings it out again. Hats are actually pretty easily adjustable. The crown (which is the increase rounds at the beginning that form a perfect circle) and the length would be the only changes made. Basically, you take the measurement around the head, or you can find a chart on the web, then divide that number by 3.14. That is how big the crown should be. For example, most adults' head circumference is around 22 inches, so the crown (or beginning circle when you stop adding increases) would measure around 7 inches across. Then you would continue working the pattern without making any more increases. The other thing that would change is how many rows you add. Most charts online also list the length as well. I'm not sure if Ms. Olivia would be offended if you changed her pattern from using HDC to using DC, but it would work up faster and less rows would be needed. It would also stretch a little more if needed. I don't know how big the button applique is yet, since I'm on my way to make it, but I feel like if you increase the size of the hat, you may want to increase the size of the button by a few rows as well, for proportion. Hope this helps!

    Thanks Olivia for sharing this pattern, my 9 year old can't wait to wear it!