DIY "Little Book of Hope"

Having spent many months in hospital in the past, something that always meant the world to me was a thoughtful gift. Whether it was a vase of my favourite flowers, a soft pillow or a thoughtful card, the giver's thoughtfulness never ceased to make me feel extra loved and special.

So being the sensitive person that I am, whenever someone I know is going through a difficult time, coping with loss or fighting cancer I go out of my way to make their stormy sea as smooth as possible.
This little book of hope below was created especially for a dear friend of mine who recently underwent surgery, and needed that extra bit of faith.
What's something that helped you get through a difficult time?

What You'll Need:
Pack of Playing Cards
2 Book Rings {1 inch x 1 inch}
  Modge Podge for Paper
Paint Brush {To apply modge podge}
Hole Punch

~ Tutorial ~

Step 1~ Start of by deciding which sayings, messages, verses etc. you'd like to include in your little book of hope.  {Note: If you're not sure where to get started, have a little look through my Pinterest board of "Inspirational Quotes".}
Step 2~ Once you've decided on your messages of hope, you'll want to use a photo editing site to place your text onto the image you downloaded which you can download at Papervine. You'll also want to create a titled cover for your book. {Note: I used Picmonkey for this project, as it is a free and easy photo editing site to use.}

Step 3~ Taking your paint brush, paint a thin coat of modge podge onto your playing cards, before sticking down your messages of hope.
Step 4~ Punch 2 holes into every single playing card. {Note: I found it made it easier to align all the punches if I punched the holes over the small squares in the upper corners of the cards.}
Step 5~ Open up your 2 book rings. Then push 1 through each hole of your books cover playing card. Then start adding your cards in the order you would like them to be read. Once you've added all your playing cards, close the book rings back up. 

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial for an inspirational little gift!
If you did create this, please post a photo of your creation onto my Facebook Page.
I'd love to see it!
 Have a lovely day crafting,


  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL idea! I can't wait to get started!

  2. What a special gift this would be to anyone who needs a bit of encouragement, thanks for the inspiration

  3. Pretty and easy! Visit me on

  4. This really is a cute idea! You could make up a bunch of these to sell and donate the proceeds to cancer treatment programs or any other illness program in your area!

  5. This post found its way to me at just the right moment. My dear friend lost her brother in a tragic accident three days ago. Will make this tomorrow.

  6. I'm making one for a friend who is having to have dialysis 3 times a week. An older gentleman. Used quotes about friendship since my husband and I are several states away from him now. I hope he finds it interesting. Maybe make him another with different material on them. Ideas are coming...thanks for yours! I can't send a picture and it just looks like a deck of cards with rings. Thx.

  7. I'm making one for a cancer patient :( a few tweaks to fit her style and what she likes but its turning out cute! Will tag you when posted on Facebook..

  8. Great Idea. I'm two of them, one each for friends that are struggling with depression and anxiety. This is such sweet and thoughtful idea. Thank you. This is perfect!

  9. This is a hand that would be fun to be dealt

    1. Great quote for the card Elizabeth!!

  10. I LOVE this idea! My daughter has just graduated from nursing school. I am going to make her one as a heartfelt gift. Thank you for this. :)

  11. Made & loved. I did mine a wee bit different, added some little charms on the front and did each card with a different image/quote.

  12. This is such a lovely idea! <3
    Did you u se all of the 52 playing cards?
    Do you mind if I ask what font you used on the text on the cards, its soo nice?? :-)
    I really want to make one of these myself :-)
    Thanks for this guide :-)
    Love from Norway!

  13. Would you please let me know how you removed the numbers on the jpeg you downloaded for the design? Thank you! Such a cute idea!