Chunky Willow Tree Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

Raise your hand if you know a 9 year-old who cried when her favourite climbing tree got chopped down? -raises hand-
Now before you jump to any conclusions, I am in fact NOT the child mentioned above. That honour has been reserved for my lovable baby sister... As you can tell by my 'About Me' page, she definitely takes after her sister in the tree climbing department!
You see, while dividing up our property to sell, we unfortunately had to have the tree removed which invoked a few small sobs on her part.

However, once her short-lived friendship with Little Miss Tree was over, she made it her duty in life to convince us to plant a tree at our new house. And not just any tree... A willow tree!

We're currently still on the fence about the whole matter, but none the less I was feeling inspired and decided to create this beanie below!
What was you favourite place to spend as a child?


What You'll Need
12.00mm Crochet Hook
175g Super Bulky Yarn {14ply} - I used Lincraft Luxe
Tapestry/Wool Needle

Finished Size 
This beanie fits all sizes - Hat height 11 inches.
{Easily adjustable, as explained in pattern}

Taking your 12.00mm crochet hook and super bulky yarn, start of by making a Slip Knot, then crochet 23 Chains.
Row 1~ Chain 2. Crochet 1 Half Double Crochet into the fourth chain from your hook. Then crochet 1 Half Double Crochet into the next 17 chains. Crochet 1 Single Crochet into the next 5 stitches. You should have 23 stitches now.
Row 2~ Crochet 1 Slip Stitch into every stitch across.
Row 3~ Chain 2. Crochet 1 Half Double Crochet into the back loop of the next 17 stitches. Crochet 1 Single Crochet into back loop of the next 5 stitches.

Row 4~ Crochet 1 Slip Stitch into every stitch across.
Row 5 - 33~ Repeat rows 3 - 4. {Note: You can either add or take away a couple sets of rows 3 - 4, depending on your head's circumference.}
Fasten off, and weave in loose ends.

Now taking the yarn and tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the ends of the rows along the edge. {Note: Be sure to thread the yarn through the ends consisting of single crochets, not the ends with half double crochets.}

Once you've threaded your needle along one side, pull the yarn tightly to gather all the edges together until the hole at the top is closed.
Now, sew the two short sides of the hat together to complete your beanie.
Fasten off, and weave in loose ends.

Hope you all enjoyed this pattern!
If you did crochet this, please post a photo of your creation onto my Facebook Page.
I'd love to see it!
Have a lovely day crocheting,


  1. Looks great and in my favorite color! Can't wait to try this out.

  2. very great ideas i love it visit also my blog pal

  3. hi, i live in south alabama, usa, and its VERY WARM here more than not so do you think this would translate with regular worsted yarn like red heart super saver....i also love the hook size...or maybe a 9....i just got one would love to try it....what do you think....did i confuse you...i also follow you on instagram and have done several of your your work

  4. The math on this doesn't quite work out, 24 chains, skip 3 (21 remain), 17 single doubles, 5 singles? that equals 25 not 21.

    1. Hello Natalie.. You chain 23. Then chain an extra 2 chains (25 chains now). So if you crochet into the 4th chain from your hook that is the second stitch of the row, and the "chain 2" part counts as the first stitch.
      Hope this helps.

  5. Hello :), great design! I have a question about row 3. Is it purposely done that we only crochet 22 stitches (17 hdc + 5 sc) vs 23 stitches on row 1 (1 hdc + 17 hdc + 5 sc)? Is the pattern made to be a slanded rectangle at the end (because we are 1 stitch short from row 1)? Thank you :), happy weekend!

  6. Just came across this magical beanie! It reminds me of the knit beanies my Mormor (grandma) used to make! I'm thinking a giant pom pom on the end! Thanks for the share!