10 Free Unique Crochet Patterns

One of the best ways to learn a new stitch I've found, is using a pattern! It's not as repetitive/boring and you get to wear something cute when you're done!
So to help out my fellow crochetaholics I thought I'd create this little round-up of patterns using unique and unusual stitches.
What's your favourite stitch? I'm currently addicted to cable stitches!


It's amazing how creative these crocheters are, isn't it?  
I'm especially loving those adorable bobbled bows! 
Which one's your favourite? 
I hope all of you enjoyed this little round-up of beautifully unique crochet patterns,



  1. I really enjoy your patterns Thanks

  2. A talent kept to yourself is wasted , so PLEASE keep sharing !
    Thanks for your beautiful hard work 😃

  3. I too love your patterns! I cannot wait to try those lovely bobble stitch bows. They are just super cute!