DIY Button Christmas Bauble

Our family Christmas tree is no ordinary Christmas tree. 
It's covered from head to toe with special (yet somewhat ugly) childish handmade ornaments created by my brother and I as kids, as well as lights and dozens of red and golden baubles... Ok, thinking about it now, I have to admit it sounds exactly like most other family trees. 
So to carry on the tradition, I thought I'd make this cute little button bauble. 
Let's just hope my DIY skills have improved a lot since my childhood!

What You'll Need: 
Red Glittery Christmas Baubles (2.5 inches or 6.5cm)
Handful Of Small (1cm) Red Buttons
Glue Gun 

~ Tutorial ~

Step 1~ Gather all your supplies before starting. I bought my red buttons and red baubles at my local craft store.  
Step 2~ Heat up your glue gun. Once it's warm, place small dots of hot glue all around your bauble.

 Step 3~ Taking your red buttons, place them on the hot glue dots.
Once the glue is done drying you can place your new, yet cute ornament on your tree!

And you're done! 
I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial, I'm sure your Christmas baubles looks absolutely adorable!
If you did make this quick DIY, please post a photo of it too my Facebook Page,
I'd love to see it.
Have a lovely day crafting everyone!


  1. They look so cute. I haven't thought about putting buttons on a bauble before. They look adorable though.