DIY No Sew Teacup Pincushion

I tend to be a pretty tidy person. I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm a "Neat Freak" but I have to admit that I have the occasional OCD moment.
Recently when I've been working with my sewing pins, by the time I'm done they've ended up all over the place. This can obviously be very annoying at times. So I decided to create a special place for them to call home. An easy DIY no sew teacup pincushion!
I hope you guys enjoy this quick {And super cute} tutorial!

~ What You'll Need ~
10" x 10" {25cm x 25cm} Piece Of Fabric
Rubber Band or Hair Band

~ Tutorial ~
Step 1~ Gather all your supplies together before starting.
Step 2~ Taking your piece of fabric lay it flat, upside down. You want the fabrics pattern to be on the outside when you're done for that extra bit of cuteness.
Step 3~ Now take a good handful of stuffing and place it in the center of the fabric.

Step 4~ Slowly and carefully take each corner of the fabric and bring it together, making sure that the stuffing is in the middle.
Step 5~ Taking the rubber/hair band in your hand, wrap it tightly around the top of the ball of stuffing. Check to make sure that no stuffing is showing before placing the rubber/hair band side down into your teacup.
If your teacup is not particularly special to you, or you want your pincushion to have extra hold then simply place a bit of glue at the bottom of the teacup before placing the pincushion in the inside.

And you're done!!
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, I'm sure the teacup pincushion looks absolutely 
amazing in your "Creative Space"!
If you did make this quick DIY, please post a photo of it too my Facebook Page
I'd love to see it.
Have a lovely day crafting everyone!


  1. It's almost enough to make me want to sew more!

    Megan xx

  2. What a super cute tutorial! I don't sew much, but I'm seriously going to go thrifting to find a neat little teacup so I can do this!

    Aradia <3

  3. I love this - it's a super cute idea to make for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for sharing.