12 Free Lavender & Plum Social Media Icons

If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw my recent posts about being admitted to hospital. It hasn't been the greatest week for me health wise, but I'm slowly starting to feel better, YAY!
Since being in hospital I've been missing my normal "Girly" regime of painting nails, styling my hair, and working in my craftroom. -Tear-
So to make myself feel a bit more like my feminine self, I decided to created these adorable love-heart shaped social media icons. Hope you guys like them!

~ Facebook ~


~ Email ~

~ Youtube~

~ Twitter ~

~ RSS Feed ~

~ Pinterest ~

~ Google Plus ~

 ~ Etsy ~

~ Bloglovin ~

~ Tumblr ~

~ Flickr ~

This is a set of 12 lavender and plum social media icons. Icons are PNG files 100 x 85 pixels 
Perfect for almost every blog since you can easily adjust the size smaller.

There's no need to give me credit on your blog if you decide to use them, and you're welcome to share them, and even alter the colours! Please just don't sell or redistribute these icons.
I'd love if you left a comment telling me where you used them so I can pop over and 
see these little buttons in action!
Have a great day blogging!


  1. Thank you for offering so many free icons. I've previously used your pink and floral blue ones but I've updated them to these lovely heart ones now :)


    1. Your blog is so cute! It's the first time I've seen these icons used on a blog so I'm so happy they look adorable, and help add a tiny bit more cuteness to your blog :)

  2. These are gorgeous! I've used two of your other free social media icons on my blogs and LOVE them. (Linked below if you ever want to see your awesome designs in action :) ) So sorry to hear that you're in the hospital! I hope you recover very fast.

    Thanks for the fabulous blog xxx

    1. Opps! So many struggles this morning! Here are the links!




    2. Hi!
      Both your blogs look great! I'm glad you loved my icons so much you decided to use 2 sets! :)
      I'll have to read some of your posts later today when I have some time!
      Olivia Xx

  3. I just want to say a HUGE thank you Olivia, in the past few weeks I took the plunge and decided to join the blogging world. I have a reasonable knowledge of computers and thought sure how hard can it be...haha rookie mistake! It was fine to start with but I wanted my blog to be more colourful, interactive and a better reflection of me but I had absolutely no idea how to do any of it! I asked my best friend (i.e Google) and your blog came up with a wealth of information, THANK YOU :) Your posts are clear and helpful and I adore these icons, I´m trying to add them to my blog as we speak :) It will be a slow process but I feel like I am finally getting somewhere!


    1. Hi Ruth!
      I'm so glad you took the plunge! Blogging is probably my favourite thing to do. It's a part of me now haha
      I'm so glad I've been able to help you out on your new blogging journey! I actually just posted a new post on my blog called "5 Tips To Improve Your Blog" that might help you out too! Here's the link ~
      I had a look at your blog and for a beginner it looks great!
      I'm proud of you for starting your own blog :)
      Olivia Xx

  4. Thank you Olivia! I just added these to my blog and I love them! ♡
    I am still working on re arranging my site though ;)

  5. thank you very much !!! Look my blog http://prettywoman912.blogspot.gr


  6. These are lovely Olivia. I've been playing around with my template tonight and added some of these buttons...Still a bit of tweeking to do :)

  7. Thanks so much for these! They look wonderful :D. Used them for my blog.

  8. Thanks so much just used one of your gorgeous Facebook Plugins for my new blog. Your very kind to share !! I will be back ;)

  9. hi there! i just saw your blog a few days ago,and im obssessed! but right now i am wondering how to put these cute icons up on my blog,thanks <3
    God bless,
    savanah at http://savanahsfavoritethings.blogspot.com/
    p.s. just saw that our blogs used to have the same name,neat coincidence :)

    1. Hi Savanah,
      Aww, thank you for being so sweet!
      I have a tutorial on my blog on how to add icons to your blog, here's the link~
      Hope it helps you out!
      Olivia Xx

  10. Thank you so much again! I used these Icons in my blog - http://justforfunnailblog.blogspot.co.il/

  11. Thanks for the icons! I've used them on my new website, www.innocenceandmischief.com xx

  12. Hola! he usado estos iconos en mi blog http://marifloysuspotis.blogspot.com.es, espero que te guste como han quedado! saludos y gracias!

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  14. Muchas gracias!! son preciosos! Puedes ver como quedan en mi blog: www.juegodelanas.blogspot.com

  15. Thank you for this beautiful icons! They are wonderful!!! *__* I've used it on my blog: http://theroadtohellispavedwithbooks.blogspot.it/

  16. Thank You for the cute icons! They are great! i used it on my blog http://justmeandmanythings.blogspot.com Thanks again!

  17. Thank you for these lovely heart icons! They are gorgeous and add the perfect pop of color I was going for on my whimsical Disney inspired blog! Many thanks again! http://thebrightgirl247.blogspot.com/