10 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I remember growing up that my favourite place in the whole wide world was my mum's lap. 
She didn't mind if I wrapped my chubby little arms around her neck and soaked her shoulder with my childish tears.  
In fact, with just a soft stroke through my curls, a gentle hush and a kiss on my forehead she could soothe me almost instantly.
Her lap was also always the perfect place for a chit chat, a game, a book, a laugh and especially a hug.
Over the past few years no matter where we've been, or what we've gone through, she's always made me feel loved and protected.
If the saying "Home is where the heart is" is true, then my mum was and will always be my home... I love you Mamma!

I hope you all enjoyed this collection of DIY Mother's Day gifts! 

Do you have something special planned this Mother's Day? Maybe a heartfelt gift?


  1. Great!! thanks so much- these are so helpful :)

  2. These are great ideas!! So.. I've commented/talked with you several times. I was going to let you know that moonfruit.com is amazing and they even have a shop selection (you have an etsy). I've set mine up recently but they don't have a blog section on their new templates yet so I'm still using my blogger. Just food for thought :D

    mine is here www.findingfairies.moonfruit.com or the blog www.findingxfairies.blogspot.com *yes I've changed my name AGAIN!* haha. Hope you're doing great and the card idea is my favorite!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know DeAnna! I'll definitely take a look at moonfruit :)
      I hope you're doing great too!