10 Free Basic Beanie Crochet Patterns

One thing you can never have enough of is beanies. They're perfect for those "bad hair days" we all absolutely hate getting... am I right ladies?
They're also great fashion statements to almost any outfit if you're lucky enough to find the perfect fit and colour to go with your ensemble.
Since there's only so many lucky pennies in the world I thought I'd help you all create your own luck by pooling together some gorgeous basic beanie patterns, enjoy!

It's amazing how creative these crocheters are, isn't it? 
I'm especially loving that beautiful Gumpdrop Slouchy Hat! Which ones your favourite?

I hope you all enjoyed these free basic beanie crochet patterns! 
I have a bunch of other free crochet patterns on my blog too, 
so be sure to take a little look around! 
Have a great day crocheting everyone!


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  2. Love your page!! Also the Facebook page! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to hop on the computer tonight and browse a bit more! Blessings!! Jodi

  3. Beanies are cute but I don't wear them. I haven't got one right now and I am not sure if someone gave one to me, if I would wear it. I've seen other people look great in them but for me personally, my head looks prettier wrapped in silk.

    I know quite a few people who crochet and make beautiful things. They are quite good at it and can do all sorts of crafts. I have seen some nice, functional garments get done in a relatively short period of time so it's a good way to be fashionable and save money.

  4. i love it, quality and cheap. it is the exact color that i thought it would be and that i wanted.

  5. Olivia,
    I just love the hats! I have always wanted one but I can not crochet! I did when I was 15, but I have forgotten it all. They are all so lovely! My favorite is the Track Stitch Beret! I would absolutely wear it!!

  6. I'm sorry but I do not see how to download the patterns. Can you help.