Sweetheart ~ DIY Button Heart & Valentines Card

With Valentines Day just over a week away, I thought I'd quickly squeeze in one more 'Sweetheart' tutorial!

What You'll Need:
Assortment of Red Buttons
Blank Card
Glue Gun

Step 1 ~ Start of by gathering all of your supplies together, and turning your glue gun on so it can start warming up. 
Step 2 ~  Now before you do anything you'll need to figure out where you want your heart . I wanted mine in the middle and slightly more towards the top. {Tip: I took a pencil and drew a small dot where I wanted my first button to be, so I could easily build up a beautiful even heart.}
Step 3 ~ Now sort through your red buttons, and lay them down in the order you want. Grab your glue gun, and one by one glue them down.

Your card is done!. . . Now be sure to turn your glue gun off before running away to write a thoughtful card too a special someone!

I also made another card, and instead of buttons, I stuck a little crocheted heart I made on the front! 

You can find the Crochet Heart Pattern HERE!

If you did create this cute card, be sure to post a photo to my Facebook Page or Subscribe
to my blog, it would make my day!
Have a great Valentines Day everyone!


  1. Hi Olivia,

    Just wanted you to know that I've put your lovely pattern for the circle scarf to use! Your directions were perfect and I now have a lovely scarf. Thanks again!

    Love the Valentine!

  2. Your ideas are always so creative! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  3. What a cute idea!