Disney ~ DIY Minnie Mouse Inspired Ring

Disney. By just saying that one word, I've awakened old memories of you sitting in front of a tv in your PJ's giggling at Mickey, Goofy and Minnie Mouse. I've reminded you of the multiple times you mercilessly nagged your parents to take you to see the newest Disney movie. And I might even have prompted you to dig out those old photos of you at Disneyland.
The reason that one word can spark up so many happy feelings is because a certain man named Walt Disney created a magical land where adults and children alike could let their imaginations go wild!
So thank you Walt Disney for filling my childhood with so many beautiful and special memories!

What You'll Need:
20 Gauge Wire
24 Gauge Wire
1 3cm {1 inch} Button
2 1cm {0.4 inch} Buttons
Wire Cutter
Chain Nose Pliers
Glue Gun

Step 1~ Start of by gathering all your supplies together. 
Step 2~ Taking your 20 gauge wire, wrap it snugly {But NOT tightly} around your finger of choice (I chose my index finger) twice. Taking your wire cutters, cut the away any excess wire, so that you're left with a ring. {Don't worry, in the next few steps I'll explain how to stop your ring from bending open where you just cut it.}
Step 3~ Cut 30cm {12 inches} of your 24 gauge wire. 

Step 4~Thread each end of the wire through one of the two holes in your large button. Place your button over your ring {Try doing this over the area you previously cut your ring to achieve a neater finish} Now taking one end of the wire connected to your button, slowly but firmly wrap it around the ring a few times. Cut off any excess wire. Repeat with the wire on the other side of the button.
Step 5~ Heat up your glue gun. Once warm, place two small dots of hot glue on either side of  the ridge of your large button. Now taking your two smallest buttons, place one in each dot of glue. This creates the cute (and famous) Minnie Mouse ears.

Once everything is done you can slip your new Minnie Mouse ring on and enjoy reliving your childhood!

If you did make this ring, please post a photo of it too my Facebook Page I'd love to see it :)
Have a lovely day crafting everyone!


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