DIY Wire Heart Earrings

I thought I'd quickly squeeze in one last post before Valentines day is done!
These cute little heart earrings are perfect for a date, or if you just feel like looking adorable!

DIY Heart Wire Earrings

What You'll Need:
Silver Wire (You can choose whatever gauge you like)
Earring Hooks
Wire Cutters
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers

Step 1~ Gather all your supplies together before you start jewellery making.
Step 2~ Cut two pieces of wire approximately 15cm (6 inches)in length. 
Step 3~ Taking your round nose pliers, slowly twist one end of the wire around one of the pliers nose's. 

Step 4~ Take your finger and gently create a bend/v-shape beneath the loop you just created.
Step 5~ Taking your round nose pliers again, make one more loop the exact same size as the previous one, and the exact same length for the bend as the previous loop.
Taking your wire cutters, cut of any excess wire.
Step 6~ Using your chain nose pliers, gently squeeze the two loops closer together till they touch.
Step 7~ Thread/attach the hearts you just created onto your earring hooks.

You've just made yourself an adorable set of heart earrings!
I hope you all enjoyed that quick tutorial.
If you did make these earrings please post a photo of them to my
 Facebook Page, I'd love to see them!


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    1. Thanks Lianne! I loved aking these little earrings :)

  2. Cute! What size wire did you use? I have some thicker than that, so I'm just wondering what size it is.

    I found you via Craft Gawker

    1. Hi!
      I used 24 gauge wire to make the hearts :) Any gauge should work though.
      Olivia Xx

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    1. No, thank YOU for commenting such a sweet little message!