Easy Heart Crochet Pattern

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary 
E is even more than anyone that you adore

What You'll Need:
8ply (DK) Yarn
4.50mm (7) Crochet Hook
Wool/Tapestry Needle

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Pattern ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Start of by making a Slip Knot. Then Chain 4.
Crochet 3 Treble Crochets into the chain farthest away from your hook. 
{Note: You'll be crocheting all the stitches into the chain farthest from your hook.}
Crochet 3 Double Crochets. Chain 1, then crochet a treble crochet, followed by 1 chain. Crochet 3 double crochets, then crochet 3 treble crochets.
Chain 2, then Slip Stitch down into the first chain where you've crocheted all your stitches in. 
Fasten off and weave in any loose ends.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick and simple crocheted heart tutorial!
If you did crochet this, please post a photo of your creation onto my Facebook Page,
I'd love to see it!
It always brightens my day when someone posts something they made from my blog :) 
Have a lovely day crocheting and crafting everyone!


  1. I'm going to crochet several of these and apply a pin to the back and give them to my knitting/crocheting group at our February meeting. Thanks for the cute pattern!


    1. Sounds like a Fabulous idea. Thanks so much for the suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. very cute! I'm glad I can follow you now! (I was originally peacockwings.wordpress.com ) but I'm redoing myself. Hope to see you there as well, I'll add your button to my new blog too!


  3. I really love this cute little heart. I'm quite new to crochet and even I managed to do my first one in about 5 minutes. Thank you for sharing. I just recently started to follow you on facebook and when I get more time I'll have a good look through your blog.
    I was just wondering if you would allow me to use your pattern to make little keyrings for the children to buy at the schools valentines disco to help raise money for school funds. It's not a problem if you would rather I didn't x Lisa x

    1. Aww I'm so glad you were able to crochet it!
      Of course I'll allow it! :) If it's not to much trouble I'd love to see a photo of them when your done if you'd like to post them to my facebook page :)
      Have a great day!
      Olivia Xx

  4. Absolutely Olivia! thank you x I've just ordered key ring split rings so they should be here early next week. I love your patterns and have made 3 of the slouchy beanies for my girls and nieces (still one left to make). I'm feeling pretty proud of myself seeing as I only picked up a hook just before christmas and I'm youtube taught ;)
    As soon as I get a chance I'll upload some pics
    Thanks again x

  5. I've gotta make these Valentine's cards! Very neat ideas! I love the crocheted hearts too! You made it so easy to follow! Thanks for sharing!
    Charlotte from AZ

  6. I love this pattern. I will be making appx. 40 of them for my kids' classmates for Valentine's Day. I will be adapting the pattern to include a loop & button so the kids can put them on their backpack zippers.

    1. That sounds great! I'm sure they just loved them! :)

  7. Olivia,

    Thanks for posting the link to your pattern on Ravelry. I was so happy because this is the pattern on which I learned to crochet, and now I can perfect it. As of right now, I am still a beginner, but thanks to your YouTube tutorials and the links to them in your pattern, I am quickly progressing!

  8. Hello so I have been TROLLING the internet for a heart design that I could, and I found yours and was amazed fantastic!, as these will be going on a blanket is there anyway of making them larger? by adding rounds or just adding stitches?

  9. Is it me as I read crochet 3 double crochet and chain 1, where am i crocheting the 3 double crochets into

    1. the end of the first chain. all of the crocheting is done in the same loop

  10. Hi Olivia! Thanks for the tutorial- while it was't one I had found years back, it ended up being the same pattern that I wanted to share with readers at my blog as I created a tutorial for an ornament I created for a Valentine Swap. I hope you don't mind that I linked back to you: http://twigsandtulle.blogspot.com/2015/02/heart-to-heart-swap-2015-tutorial-my.html


  11. Could you begin with a magic ring instead of a slip knot?

  12. I just found your little heart pattern a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I started making some of them on Valentine's day (that's when I found my printed copy) and made hundreds of them...I have made hundreds more of them since...I just love giving them away to friends and strangers...my friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow train riders, the checker at the grocery store, the old man sitting in the wheelchair at the grocery store, fellow chuch members, family, etc. They are just adorable! One teacher is attaching them to keychains to help her ADD kids stay focused in class...not sure exactly how it works but I thought that was pretty cool. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this pattern!