Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 ~ DIY Recycled Storage

I just LOVE recycling! I have a huge cardboard box over flowing with old bottles and cups under my craft table, waiting to be turned into something helpful or beautiful!

I was inspired to do a little DIY on how to recycle your old jars and bottles, and show you some photos of my recycled items :)

Recently a friend of mine gave my mum these adorable jelly beans in test tubes and lab racks! I really liked the tubes and racks and asked my mum if I could have them when she'd finished eating the sweets. . . Of course she said YES!  

What You'll Need:
Test Tubes (I got mine from Happy Lab, they come with sweets in them)
Lab Racks ( I got these also from Happy Lab)

Step 1 ~ If you bought your test tubes from Happy Lab start of by enjoying your sweets!
Step 2 ~ Wash the tubes with warm soapy water, then leave them open overnight to dry completely.
Step 3 ~ Oragnize your buttons, beads or anything you like into your new craft storage lab rack!  (I put buttons in two of mine, and in one of them I made a pattern with three different types of coloured pearls.)

~ DIY Button Storage Tutorial ~

What You'll Need:
Hot Water

Step 1 ~  I started of by filling the sink with boiling water. My taps water wouldn't go warm enough, so I ended up boiling all the water in the kettle... Yes, it did take a longgg time!
Step 2 ~ I then left them in there for almost an hour. I then took them out, and shook any excess water off. The boiled water had loosened the glue that kept their labels on. So all the labels easily peeled off, making my job super easy!
Step 3 ~  After having peeled the labels off I dried them, sorted out all my buttons, and with the greatest joy, poured them into the jars!

They are now proudly positioned on one of the shelves in my craft room!

I hope you all enjoyed this quick and recycled tutorial!
Hope you all have a wonderful and crafty day!


  1. Lovely storage ideas Olivia, and so pretty on your shelves!
    Angie x

    1. Thank you Angie for being so sweet!

  2. Found your lovely little blog on Pinterest. Love your idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Becky! I'm so glad you love it :)

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