Hop To It ~ Cute DIY Bookmark

Argghh! Christmas is less than a week away! Luckily I've already finished all my Christmas shopping, so now I get to sit back, relax, and watch as my friends go crazy over the next 5 days haha.
For those of you still looking for small gifts to give to someone, this DIY bookmark might be just what you're looking for!

What You'll Need:
* Silver Beading Bookmark
* Silver Bead Caps
* Silver Eye Pins
* Silver Jump Rings
* Variety Of Beads
* Charms (I Used a little green frog charm)

* Chain Nose Pliers
* Round Nose Pliers 
* Wire Cutters


~ Charm Bookmark ~
Step 1~ Start of by choosing the charm you want to use. 
Step 2~ Taking your chain nose pliers, open a jump ring and attach the charm to the beading bookmark. 
Step 3~ Using your chain nose pliers once again close up the jump ring.

~ Bead Bookmark ~
Step 1~ Pick out the three beads and bead caps you want to use.  Lay them down in the order you want them.
Step 2~ Thread each bead and a bead cap onto a eye pin. Taking your wire cutters cut off any excess wire, leaving enough to make a small loop with your round nose pliers.
Step 3~ After you've made a loop on top of every beaded eye pin, twist the loops open to the side with your chain nose pliers just enough to attach them to the bottom loop of the other beaded eye pins.
Step 4~ Using your chain nose pliers open a jump ring, and attach your chain of beaded eye pins to your bookmark.

I hope you all have fun giving these cute bookmarks away to your friends and family... Maybe you'll even make one for yourself!
Have a wonderful day everyone and Merry Christmas!

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