Bonjour ~ DIY French Manicure

I've always had a dream to visit Paris one day! I have no idea where this passion or obsession (Whatever you'd like to call it) came from though! 
My love for Paris might be one of the many reasons I love a French Manicure! They always look so classy, elegant and just absolutely pretty!

What You'll Need:
* Clear Nail Polish (I used Cutex Quick 'N Go)
* White Nail Polish ( I used Nars Opaque in Écume)
* Nail Art Pen (I used Glamnails Manicure in Snow White)

Step 1~ Start of by trimming, and cleaning your nails. (Optional: Push back your cuticles)
Step 2~ Taking your clear nail polish, apply a good even coat over all your finger nails. You can do another coat if you want too.
Step 3~ Now, taking your nail art pen, slowly work down from the top of each nail painting your nails evenly. You'll want the white line at the top of your nails to be about 1-2mm thick.
Your nail tips will be white now, but in my experience they weren't perfect, but the next step will fix this.
Step 4~ Take your white nail polish, and VERY carefully paint the white tips you made with your pen. The nail polish will give the right effect, but the line you drew on each nail with your nail art pen will be a guide, and help you work evenly.
Step 5~ After your tips have dried, take your clear nail polish, and paint two coats over all your finger nails.

Voila! You've just given yourself an amazing French Manicure!
Hope this helps you guys :)
Have fun painting your nails!


  1. Love the way your nails look.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  2. If you want to achieve a perfect French nail tip, you can use masking tape as your stencil. Be a little careful not to soak the polish below the tape. Then, take the tape off when the tip polish is completely dry.

  3. I always screw up on giving myself a french manicure-- even with those sticker guides. This is a great method.. I need to try the nail art pen! Great job.

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