Button Up ~ DIY Wire Wrapped Button Earrings

 I know I've talked frequently about my love/obsession with buttons, and I'm probably starting to drive some of you crazy. So let me cut to the chase, button up, and let you guys enjoy the tutorial!

Things You'll Need:
* 30cm 24 gauge Silver Wire
* 2x Silver Fish Hooks {Earrings Hooks}
* 2x 1.5cm Buttons {You can use larger or smaller buttons}
* Wire Cutters
* Chain Nose Pliers
* Round Nose Pliers

Step 1~ Start of by using your wire cutters to cut your 30cm wire in half. You'll now have two 15cm wires.
Step 2~ Next you need to thread one wire through one button.
Step 3~ Pull the wire straight up. You'll now have 2 parts, 1 on each side. Now taking your chain nose pliers, slowly wrap around that part with your other wire part 5 times. This will create 5 small loops around one wire.
Step 4~ Now taking your wire cutters, cut any excess wire left from the wire your just used to wrap 5 times.
Step 5~ With the last piece of wire make a loop with your round nose pliers, and then wrap around the bottom of the loop twice with any left over wire. Cut of any excess wire.
Step 6~ Using your chain nose pliers, open your earring hooks, and attach them to your wire wrapped buttons. Then close them up again.

You're done! :)
Hope you all enjoyed that quick tutorial!
If you did make these earrings please post a photo of them to my Facebook Page! 
It would mean the world to me!


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    Charlotte from AZ

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