Hundreds & Thousands ~ Chocolate Freckles Recipe

Seeing as Australia's Fathers Day is only 2 days away, I just wanted to give a BIG thank you to all the hundreds and thousands of fathers out there that encourage, support, care for and love their children on a daily basis! It's father's like you that make the difficulties in life so much easier to bear. Thank you, and Happy Father's Day!

Makes: 20
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Chilling Time: 30-60 Minutes

What You'll Need:
*500g Milk Chocolate.
~ You could use more or less, depending on how many and how thick you'd like to make them.
*100g Hundreds & Thousands
*10 Egg Rings
*Baking Tray
*Baking/Wax Paper

If Packaging Them You'll Need:
*Small Cellophane Bags
*Tags (I made my own, which I'll explain further on)
*Paper Rope (I used 3 different colours)

1~ Start by laying out a sheet on baking/wax paper over your baking tray. Place your egg rings onto the baking tray.
2~ Break chocolate into small pieces into a microwave safe bowl.
3~ Heat your chocolate on high in your microwave for 1 minute. At this point your chocolate should be mostly melted, if not keep heating it for 15 second intervals until it's mostly melted.
Mix your chocolate with a spoon. The heat of the chocolate will melt any tiny pieces that haven't melted yet.
4~ Pour or spoon out melted chocolate into your egg rings. Use enough of the chocolate so that the bottom is fully covered. You can make the bottom as thin or as thick as you like.

5~ Once you've used up all your mixture, sprinkle the hundreds and thousands on top of the chocolate in the baking tray.

6~ Place your tray into the fridge so that the freckles can set. Leave them in there for 30-60 minutes, depending on how long it takes them to set.
7~ Once set, take them out of the fridge, remove the egg rings, and peel the chocolate freckles off of the baking/wax paper.

1~ Once your freckles are done, slide them into your small cellophane bags.

2~ Taking your paper rope, cut about 40cm off, and tie it around your cellophane bag above your freckle. After tying one knot add your tag. If you don't have a tag, or you're not sure how to make one, I'll give a little tutorial below. :)
After adding you tag, tie one more knot, then tie a bow.
3~ (Optional) After packaging all your freckles, arrange them in a basket, or plate.

DIY Tags:
1~ I started off by looking for photos of free tags online. I was looking for something for Fathers Day, since it's only 3 days away here in Australia! I also chose to go with a square shape since it would be the easiest to cut out. I saved it to my computer.
2~ Then I went on PickMonkey and made a collage. PicMonkey is a free photo editing site that's very easy to use! I added my tag photo to my collage as many times as I could, making sure that they were all the same size and shape.
3~ I printed it onto some nice plain scrapbook paper, and then cut them out using my Fiskars Cristina Re Paper trimmer!
4~ Then I took my hole puncher, and punched a hole into the corner of every tag.
Voila! You're done!

Now it's time to give them away, or better yet eat them!
If you did make these chocolate freckles, please post a photo of your creations onto
my Facebook Page! I'd love to see them!

Hope you all have been enjoying a lovely day!

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