Picture Perfect ~ How To: Do The Perfect Manicure

Something I love doing in my spare time is my nails! I mean what girl doesn't? 
So I thought I would make a post of how to get the perfect DIY manicure!
Here we go!  

Step One:
Start by washing your hands, as well as giving your nails a very good scrub. This will ensure that your nails are nice and clean, and help for a smoother coat. Also push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher.

Step Two:
If your nails are a bit to long, clip them with some nail clippers. Then with a nail file sculpt them into your favourite nail shape.

Step Three:
Apply a base coat. I used to just skip this step because I couldn't be bothered with it, but once I invested into a good bottle of it, I could definitely see the difference it made wearing it! Applying a base coat will protect your nails, keep them strong, and make your mani last a LOT  longer.

Step Four:
Now it's time for my favourite part! Colour! Today I'm using Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in the colour  Caf'e Au Lait 220. It's a great colour, very nude!
Note: It's important to take your time to achieve a silky smooth look.

Step Five:
Time to apply another coat! I wanted a very light colour on my nails today so I stayed with only one coat. If the nail polish you're using is very sheer you might need to do 3 coats.

Step Six:
Top coat time!

Step Seven:
Now no matter how steady your hand is, you'll probably have to clean up a bit. A little while ago I found this idea which I absolutely loved! Take one of your smallest paint brushes. (If you don't have one you should be able to buy one for very cheap at a dollar shop) Dip it into nail polish remover, and then run it around your nail.

In the photo above I'm wearing L'oreal Paris Jet Set Diamant 1 Minute Diamond Shine 202. It's one of my fav nail polishes since it's quite a neutral colour, yet has a tinge of purple and shimmer in it! Goes with everything...
Voila! You've just given yourself an amazing manicure!

If you did do this manicure, please post a photo of your new pretty nails onto my Facebook Page! I'd love to see it! Also please Subscribe to my blog, it would make my day!
Have fun painting your nails!


  1. Great tutorial! I ALWAYS do my own, but never thought to use a paintbrush with nail polish remover. I just use Qtips but sometimes the fuzzies get in the way. Grrr. So I'll be trying this tip.

  2. Can you do some more nail or hair tutorials? You haven't done one in a while. They are all crochet patterns :)

    1. Hi Elise,
      Yep I'll definitely try doing more in the future! I've been a bit busy lately, so I've been crocheting at night, and quickly snapping the photos the next day.
      What type of beauty tutorials would you like to see?? I'm hoping to share a quick post for a DIY honey and sugar face scrub in the near future.