Good As New ~ How To: Wash Your Make Up Brushes

Make up brushes can be your best friends.. or your worst enemies. I love using my brushes, but of course after a while they can get dirty, which can create quite a problem, and irritate your skin! It really would've been a huge waste of money to toss my lovely brushes, and have to buy new ones, so a while ago I went on a hunt and found out how to clean my brushes! -YAY- lol

What You'll Need:
Gentle Anti-Bacterial Soap
Luke Warm Water
{Optional} Olive Oil

Start of by running your make up brushes under some luke warm water. Then squirt some soap into your hand.
Swoosh and swirl your make up brushes around in your hand, then rinse them in cool water to keep your make up brushes nice and clean! Note: If your make up brushes are very dirty, you can repeat the wash again to make sure they are super clean.
After you wash them, reshape immediately and allow them to dry. When drying them, try to allow them to dry upside down so that any water remaining on your brushes won't run down and loosen the glue holding the bristles in place.

{Optional} After washing your brushes you can lightly coat the bristles in olive oil, and rinse them once again before allowing them to dry. The olive oil will help keep the bristles moisturized and healthy.

Make sure they are thoroughly dry before using again. I usually wash mine before bed, so they're ready for use the next morning.
Now you're brushes will look good as new again!
Taking care of your brushes will help them last a LOT longer, so it's important that you wash your brushes properly every single week.


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