Feeling Blue? ~ DIY: Glass Painted Bottles

I've been feeling quite tired lately, so to cheer myself up I decided to stop feeling blue, 
and instead paint something blue! The project I ended up making fulfilled it's purpose and has brightened up my gloomy day!

 ~ Materials ~
Acrylic paint  Jars (I was lucky enough to find this beautiful vinegar jar!)  
And of course, time!   

~ Instructions ~

Step 1~ Start by taking of all the labels of the jars with warm soapy water. (The warm water and soap will make it much easier to loosen the labels.)  
Step 2~  Pour some acrylic paint into the jars. Roll the jars in your hands, to make sure the jar has an even coat on the inside. When you've covered the entire inside of the jar, pour any excess paint out. (If you leave a lot behind it will take much longer to dry)  
Step 3~ Let them dry! I left my jar an entire day in the sun to make sure it was fully dry.  
Step 4~ Use them! You can put pencils, kitchen utensils, flowers and just about anything inside them!

Can't wait to make some more, hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!
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Have a great day crafting!


  1. Lovely, Olivia. I've been making these myself and by trial and error, have found that Acrylic Enamel paint works best.

  2. cool idea......love it

  3. Such a great idea! I can't wait to try it c: xxx

  4. What would happen if you painted the OUTSIDE of the bottle?

  5. I have a problem with the paint running on the inside leaving it to say the least UGl

  6. I've used nail polish but not paint, maybe I'll give it a try next.