A Piece of Cake ~ Tips & Tricks of Cake Decorating

Now who here can honestly say they don't like cake?... Yep, just as I thought, not one of you could raise your hands because cake is simply one of the most amazing and delectable creations on this earth!

It was my little sisters birthday yesterday. For weeks she's wanted me to bake her a cake for her special day, of course I couldn't say no to those puppy eyes, so I went ahead and baked the cake!
She loves chocolate cake, so I baked her a double layer chocolate mud cake. She slightly rushed me, seeing as she just couldn't wait to lick the bowl haha

Now when it was done I was soo tired, that I really had no energy to ice it the way I had wanted to. This video is of how it would have looked, but just with chocolate icing.. I mean after all, chocolate is always best!

Now my cake might not have had that fancy icing, but it did look quite pretty since I topped it with cut up mint chocolate bars. If you are maybe making a cake for a little girl you might want to make Some Chocolate Butterflies! Or if you're making a valentines/anniversary cake Chocolate Hearts might be what you're after.  I usually can't be bothered making my own icing, but you might want to. What I like to use is this Guide to Basic Icings/Frostings.

I really hope that the video and links to tips on cake decorating above helps anyone out there looking to make a birthday cake.. or really any cake!

I hope you all enjoyed these tips and tricks, if you have any questions, comment away!
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Have a great day baking!

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