Something Blue And Something Borrowed ~ DIY Dangly Earrings

I've been making a lot of earrings lately, I've just been getting so much inspiration lately!!
For example, yesterday I watched something on tv (Yes I said 'tv', the killer of creativity.. but we all need a rest, right?) Anyways back to what I watched on tv, it was of a woman about to get married, and a friend of hers gave her beautiful dark blue dangly earrings. I loved the shade of blue, so I decided to make a pair of earrings based on that colour!

4x Silver Eye Pins
2x Silver Bead Caps
2x Flat Silver Bead Caps
2x Large Glass Blue Beads
2x Small Blue Beads
2x Earring Hooks
4x Jump Rings 
Wire Cutters
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers

1. After threading on the large glass beads onto 2 eye pins, thread a silver bead cap onto each one. Then Clip off extra wire and make a loop with round nose pliers

2. Then thread both small blue beads onto separate eye pins, clip of extra wire and make a loop with round nose pliers.

3. Taking your chain nose pliers open 4 jump rings. Connect large glass beads to the flat bead cap, then attach the top of the flat bead cap to another jump ring which is attached to the small blue bead on the eye pin.
4. Open earring hooks and thread on both earrings.

And you're done! I hope you all enjoyed that tutorial, if you have any questions, comment away!
If you did create this pair of earrings, please post a photo of your creation onto my
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Have a great day crafting!



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