Silver, Pearls & All Things Pretty! ~ DIY Earrings

Pearls. Whenever someone says the word 'Pearls' it automatically makes me think of an older lady, dressed to perfection, with a pearl necklace gently embracing her neck.
Now that's when most people will think of when they hear the word pearls, but honestly, pearls are absolutely amazing and there's no need for them to be branded as 'old ladies' jewellery!
I decided to try doing a more youthful twist with my pearls.
In my previous post I wrote about how I LOVE dangly earrings, so it's no surprise that that's what I decided to make with my pearls! Xx

Here are the instructions for any of you that would love to make it!! :)

What You'll Need:
8x Silver Eye Pins
2x Earring Hooks
2x Large Bead Caps (these I'm going to flatten)
4x Smaller Bead Caps
4x Pearls
4x Swarovski Crystals
Wire Cutter
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Step One ~ After gathering all my supplies and tools together, I flattened the 2 large bead caps with my chain nose pliers. 

Step Two ~ I then thread one of the 4 pearls onto 4 separate eye pins.Using my wire cutters I cut off the excess wire, and then used my round nose pliers to make a loop at the end.

Step Three ~ Then thread a small bead cap onto the other 4 eye pins, and then also a Swarovski crystals. I also cut off the excess wire and made a loop at the end.

Step Four ~ Attach one of the crystal on the eye pins to one of the earring hooks. Do the same to the other earring hook.
Step Five ~ Attach the large flattened bead caps to the bottom of the crystal that you just attached to the earring hook.
Step Six ~ Now take your four pearls on eye pins and attach them on the openings in the large bead cap. The 2 crystals on eye pins must be attached in the middle of the large bead caps openings.

And you're done! I hope you all enjoyed that tutorial, if you have any questions, comment away!
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Have a great day crafting!