The Gift Of A Friend ~ DIY Chain & Bead Hoop Earrings

A wonderful friend is truly an amazing gift! They are always there for you, ready to lend a hand to hold onto, arms to hug or a shoulder to cry on.
There's actually a song that I love that's all about friends. It's lyrics are so true when it sings "The world comes to life and every thing's bright from beginning to end, when you have a friend by your side, that helps you to find the beauty you are. When you'll open your heart and believe in the Gift of a Friend!"
So today when I was busy reflecting on all the amazing friends I've had during my life, I decided to remind one of them how much they mean to me, by making her something that 'hopefully' she'll love!

10cm of Silver Chain
2x Silver Hoops
2x Earring Hooks
2x Medium Sized Light Green Glass Beads
4x Small Sized Light Pink Beads
4x Medium Sized Pearls
4x Silver Bead Caps

Wire Cutters
Chain Nose Pliers

1. After I had gathered my supplies and tools I measured my silver chain and cut 2x 3cm. You can cut it as long as you want, depending on how long you want your chain to dangle.

2. I then opened my hoops and threaded on the small pink bead, then through one of the links of the chain, then a pearl following with a bead can and then medium green glass bead. I just mirrored my actions and did a bead cap, pearl, and then I took the other end of the chain and threaded the hoop through the link finishing of with a small pink bead.
3. Closing the hoop up I attached the earring hook.

And you're done! I hope you all enjoyed that tutorial, if you have any questions, comment away!
If you did create this pair of earrings, please post a photo of your creation onto my
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Have a great day crafting!


  1. I love them!! I wore them yesterday! I was looking at your site today and going back through your posts and saw this one :) God definitely blessed me with your friendship! Love you!!

    1. I didn't see this till now! lol
      I'm so super dooper glad you love them :)
      That makes two of us, love you too! Xx

  2. I think they are cool