25 Years And Counting ~ DIY Anniversary Gift

Yesterday was my parents 25th wedding anniversary!
... and as most women would understand, my mum had a very hard job ahead of her finding something to give to my dad.
She of course couldn't buy him perfume, earrings.. or a dress, so she really didn't have that many options left. Then she had a moment of genius and thought of a great gift to make him!
She was going to make him a memory of 25 years! Hmm yeah... now what exactly is a memory of 25 years, and how do you make it? Simple! I helped my mum out, and as we went along I took photos. So for any woman out there with no idea what to get their 'hubbie' for their anniversary, here you go!

Step One ~ Firstly my mum had to make a list of places they'd been to, things the
y'd done, and children they'd had. Then came the hard and long bit. She had to find photos of those special memories. That of course took some time.
Step Two ~ Once she'd found them all, she went and printed them out, bought a frame, ribbon, doubled sided foam adhesive stickers, and a big piece of coloured paper/cardstock.

Step Three ~ As soon as my dad left for work, she also got to work! She used one of my stencils and traced a heart around the main items in each photo.
With a steady hand she cut out each and every photo. Once this was done she measured where she had to place each photo so that there would be enough room for each photo.

Step Four ~ Get sticking! As soon as every heart photo is stuck down on the coloured paper/card stock glue down a ribbon at the top and bottom of the coloured paper, just to give it a nice finish!

And you're done!
I hope you all enjoyed that tutorial, if you have any questions, comment away!
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Have a great day crafting!

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